• Developing creative thinking
  • Language skills :3
  • Mathematical and scientific understanding
  • Using imagination
  • Extending physical skills.
  • Experiencing books, stories, songs and music
  • Practicing decision making and problem solving
  • Promoting care and concern for others special needs
  • Respect for the environment as well as opportunities for fun and friendships.


Although individual attention from the adults is a priority, regular contact with other children in developing skills of sharing co-operation and friendship is vital

For our youngest infants, we offer sensitive baby care encouraging all stages of development through the attention of interested adults and by stimulating their natural curiosity. We follow individual sleep and feeding patterns to maintain consistency with home life and to foster a feeling of security. For toddlers and older children we offer experience in a wide variety of play and learning activities building on their natural desire to make relationships, explore and discover. We encourage their developing social awareness, and help their growing self-esteem, self-confidence and independence.

We use careful observation and regular assessment of each child's development to guide the child's curriculum planning. Our outdoor play areas are a vital resource and the children use them every day, weather permitting. We also arrange field trips for the children from the nursery.


The nursery has a wide range of carefully chosen toys, books, and equipment that provide children with the stimulation they need for physical, mental and emotional growth. We use computers in the three and four year olds playrooms to as well as wealth of other toys and equipment from jigsaws to footballs. The playrooms for the younger children and babies have equipment appropriate to their needs, including manufactured toys, natural and found resources.